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The Path of Polonaises. The Inimitable Life of
Mykolas Kleopas Oginskis
Danutė Ramonaitė-Mukienė
An informative-cognitive publication for the reader, who is beginning the acquaintance with Mykolas Kleopas Oginskis
  – the prominent composer, political and public figure of the end of the 18th – the beginning of the 19th c. The book briefly introduces the creative, political and diplomatic work of M. K. Oginskis, his participation in the Kosciuszko Uprising (1794), the fundamental historical events of the time. Facts about M. K. Oginskis’ family – parents, wives, children, and grandchildren, who lived in Lithuania and fostered Plungė and Rietavas manors (especially Bogdanas Oginskis (1848–1909) and Mykolas Mikalojus Severinas Markas Oginskis (1849–1902)) – are submitted. Place name list of places related to Oginskiai family is compiled.
The book discusses the question of the memory of M. K. Oginskis perpetuation in Lithuania and abroad, of which the main work has been done in the preparation for M. K. Oginskis 250th birth anniversary and its commemoration. In this publication, quotations of Vladas Drėma, Antanas Rimvydas Čaplinskas, Šviesė Čepliauskaitė, Viktoras Gerulaitis, Gabrielė Giunterytė-Puzinienė. Laima Kiauleikytė, Stanislaw Morawski, Mykolas Kleopas Oginskis, Aldona Prašmantaitė, Vaiva Purlytė, Genovaitė Razbadauskienė, Zina Rimgailienė, Vytas Rutkauskas, Jolanta Skurdauskienė, Ramunė Šmigelskytė-Stukienė, Piotr Staniak, Povilas Šverebas, Adrzej Zaluski, and Iwo Zaluski, reveal more knowledge about the personality of M. K. Oginskis, significance of his creative work and efforts to restore the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.
Locations Related to the Life and Work of Mykolas Kleopas Oginskis’ Family.....159


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